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Everything You Need To Know About Tourism In Barcelona

It is really a great experience to travel in different parts of the world. One of the most popular destinations is Barcelona. Barcelona offers a lot of beautiful tourist destinations.

Barcelona has beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and glistening sand, a number of quality art museums, wildlife and many more.

Below is a list of the top tourist destination in Barcelona:


A.La Sagrada Familia


La Sagrada Familia is actually an unfinished church and made by Antoni Gaudi. It is a very beautiful church even if it is not finished. During peak season the line is very long, so I would suggest that you buy your ticket online so you do not need to wait in long lines. The ticket will go to the construction of the church. This church was designed in the year 1882 by Antoni Gaudi. They opened the interior part of the church in the year 2012. The exterior part of the church is still under construction.Get free Gaudi walking tour Barcelona here!


B. The magic fountain show


The Fotnt M?gica Fountain is a great tourist attraction since it has a unique fountain. Watching the lights, music and water is like a magical experience. The magic fountain was created in the year 1929.


C. The Picasso Museum


The Picasso Museum is a really popular museum. Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga which is located in the south of Spain, however the Picasso family moved to Barcelona in the year 1895. Picasso lived in Barcelona up to the year 1904. Pablo Picasso already studied art while he was a kid because his father was an art teacher. You will see different art works that were made by Picasso in the museum. For more facts and information about the tourism in Barcelona, you can go to


D. Las Ramblas street


Las Ramblas street is a very popular walking street. It is called Las Rambles because it has a lot of different sections. It is safe to walk in this street.


E. FC Barcelona museum & Camp Nou stadium


The Camp Nou Stadium is the home of the football team of Barcelona. Aside from watching games, they also offer a museum and stadium tour.


D. Barrio Gotico


The Barrio Gotico is the medieval city of Barcelona. This is the gothic part of the city and it has markets museums and really beautiful churches. You have to walk around the street because tour buses cannot enter it because it is narrow. Know about Barcelona Card Express vs Barcelona Card here!


These are the best tourist destinations, but there are still more.